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Buy your very own Lucky Puppy branded claw machine in Las Vegas!

Buy a claw machine in Las Vegas
Lucky Puppy Claw Machine

If you’ve ever visited Lucky Puppy Arcade and been drawn to the thrill of the claw machines, you’re not alone. These exciting games bring out the competitive spirit in everyone, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of snagging a prize with just the right move. The bright lights, colorful graphics, and fun sounds draw you in. Now, Lucky Puppy Claw Arcade in Las Vegas offers you the opportunity to bring that excitement home or even to your business or event!

Hey there, future claw machine mogul! Have you ever dreamt of owning a piece of pure joy, wrapped in flashing lights and encased in a bubble of excitement? Look no further, because the Lucky Puppy branded claw machine is here to turn those dreams into reality!

Imagine this: You, standing next to a shiny, colorful claw machine that’s practically begging to be played. But wait, this isn’t just any claw machine. Oh no, this is a Lucky Puppy claw machine – the Rolls Royce of prize-grabbing fun…the exact same model that is featured at our location in Las Vegas!

Why settle for boring when you can have a machine that screams “party time” louder than a pack of puppies at a chew toy convention? With its dazzling lights, catchy tunes, and the allure of prizes just waiting to be won, this claw machine is like a carnival and a Vegas show rolled into one.

But let’s cut to the chase – why should you get this marvel? Well, do you enjoy seeing people grinning ear-to-ear, jumping up and down, and maybe even shedding a happy tear or two? Because that’s the kind of reaction this machine gets. It’s scientifically proven* that the Lucky Puppy claw machine increases joy levels by 200% and attracts more foot traffic than a free pizza giveaway!

Whether you’re buying the machine for your business to create a fun way to earn more revenue or for home use so you can recreate the Lucky Puppy fun in your own gaming room, this machine will be the gift that keeps on giving! So why wait? Bring the magic of Lucky Puppy into your space. With our machine, you’re not just buying a game; you’re adopting a whole new level of awesome. And who doesn’t need more awesome in their life?

Order your Lucky Puppy branded claw machine today. Your inner child will thank you, and your outer adult will be too busy having fun to care!

*Disclaimer: Not actually scientifically proven, but trust us, it’s really fun!

Buy a Claw Machine – an Investment in Fun!

Lucky Puppy Brand: We’re new, we’re hip, we’re trendy. The only place you can get a Lucky Puppy branded claw machine is right here at the Lucky Puppy Claw Machine Arcade in Las Vegas!

Endless Entertainment: Owning your claw machine means endless entertainment for you, your family, or your customers. Use it at home for gatherings or install it in your business to attract more foot traffic and keep patrons entertained.

A Unique Revenue Stream: If you own a business, a claw machine can be a great way to generate additional income. Offer customers a chance to win exciting prizes while they shop or dine, making your business a must-visit destination.

Quality and Reliability: When you buy a claw machine from Lucky Puppy Arcade, you can expect top-notch quality and reliable performance. Our machines are built to last and backed by our excellent customer service.


Materials: Metal+acrylic+plastic+wood+glass
Language: English\Chinese
Winning Rate: Adjustable
Extras: Sound system plus LED lights
Certificate: CE Certificate
Color: Blue accents with adjustable color changing LED lights
Logo: Lucky Puppy
Acceptor: Coin acceptor or free play
Dimensions: 33.5″ L x 28″ W x 74.8″ H
Weight: 220 lbs
Packing: Bubble Film + Stretch Film + Wooden Frame Or Carton Box
Warranty: One Year
Manufactured in China

Please allow 45 days for production and shipping from China if not in stock. Shipping is a flat rate of $100 to anywhere in the US. Local pickup in Las Vegas is free.

Optional add-ons:

Nayax Credit Card Reader: +$400

Add Nayax credit card reader to cart


Paper Money Bill Acceptor: +$200

Add paper money bill acceptor to cart

Paper Money Bill Acceptor



Price (Claw Machine With No Add-ons): $1,899.00

By choosing Lucky Puppy Arcade, you gain access to high-quality claw machines, excellent customer service, and the opportunity to elevate your entertainment experience. Ready to get started? Contact us or stop in today to learn more about claw machines or click the button below to start bringing the fun of the arcade to your world!

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